COVID-19 Announcement !

As we all know some measures have been taken to keep us all safe. Hope you are all doing well; We’re in this together!

Sweet n’ Hollow was developed in 2017 and really came onto the scene in 2018 in Los Angeles. Smorgasburg was a big platform and stepping stone in our success and we are always so thankful for them. As you all have heard, Smorgasburg has been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only that but all of our catering events for the next few weeks have been postponed or cancelled as well. So what happens next? I started out this business in my parents’ garage and have always had big dreams and goals for it. I have truly enjoyed our journey thus far and have been pleased with our success as we have catered for companies like Disney, Sony, Dreamworks, Netflix, FOX, TOMS, KTLA and many more! I hope this is just a bump on the road for us and all small businesses but it makes me wonder what the future holds. There are always new challenges that come up when starting a business but this might be the biggest one yet. I ask you all to share this post and continue supporting small businesses around you. I am never a quitter. I will use this time to expand our menu, come up with potential delivery options, and really focus on possible locations for our first store. Be safe everyone and don’t forget about our yummy desserts!

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